Gary Patterson is a Sore Loser

Published October 5, 2011 by Eliot Roth

Patterson (head coach of TCU) went on quite a rant after his loss to SMU, saying that he/TCU would never be nice to SMU again.

Among his complaints:

1. We Lost!
2. June Jones said some of my plays were predictable (which they were)!
3. Refs occasionally miss calls early in the game, leaving plenty of time for our team to recover!
4. We have talked to SMU in the past about how we built our program, just like they have done the same for us!
5. C-USA said they would apologize, but they didn't, mommy!
6. The Big East said they might be looking into adding SMU, which totally takes the spotlight off of us!

He needs to do himself a favor an focus more on his own team.