The Tradition-Keepers

Published October 6, 2010 by Laura S

5-4-3-2 Give a cheer for SMU! A Mustang myself, I spent most mornings my freshman year at SMU being awakened by trumpeting of trumpets and chromatic scaling of saxophones. A resident of Boaz Hall, my dorm was right across from the Mustang Band room illuminated by a neon red and blue ‘M’. The Mustang band is known as the hub of SMU spirit for being the tradition-keepers of the University, including the tradition of standing throughout the duration of football and basketball games. Imagine standing outside in that (potentially 100+ degree) sweltering heat with a sousaphone over your shoulder -- that’s SMU Mustang pride to the max. Did you hear a tune that sounded familiar to you during the DFW Duel? Probably because you’ve known the words to SMU’s fight song since you were knee-high to the family dog. Peruna, the name of the fight song (and the beloved pony) is set to the tune of She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain. It’s played in an upbeat musical style - one could throw a few Rah Rah’s in there if necessary. Go Red! Go Blue! Go Mustangs! S-M-U